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Entertainment Streaming

I&I’s in store, next generation, self-service entertainment kiosk offers:

  • Customers instant streaming on demand for movies (with language options), gaming and eBooks for rental or purchase (including content storage at no cost) without membership requirements, even for cash customers


  • Expanded content which includes “new releases”, “best sellers” and 150,000 plus (never out of stock) entertainment titles for instant streaming without requiring more valuable store space


  • Direct advertising and promotional programs designed to increase retail impulse sales by giving their consumers more value through discounts, coupons and promotions at the kiosk


  • All content which can be sent digitally as a gift to cell phones, tablets or computers with personalized greeting cards which include optional audio/video messaging at no cost


  • Retailer’s turnkey programs for direct retailer API connectivity or for monthly consumer selected subscription content for their members


  • All payment options at point of sale including cash, credit, debit and gift cards

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